A healing session … It sounds so simple. Spending time with Sara does more for my mind, body, and spirit each time I see her. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but each time I leave her studio I’m just in more awe of the drastic difference I feel in myself and in my personal life. Her sincerity, kindness and devotion to helping you feel you’re in touch with your higher self truly does wonders. Her calm, nurturing energy is almost contagious!

T. W., New York

Sara cultivates an awareness, and she is committed in real ways to truth and goodness.

C.S., Gardiner, New York

Sara Street is one of my top 10 favorite people in the entire world. Artists Alliance Against Violence Inc and what is now aaavinc.org have made a profound impact on my life both as someone who needed to heal from trauma and after recovering becoming a light-healer.  I visit the website so often and in times, years ago,  when I was in truly desperate positions, just watching her videos, especially the dance videos I immediately became at peace of even in the moment. The website and Sara are such incredible assets to my life, spiritually. I had the good fortune of meeting Sara almost 20 years ago and when I did it was as if I was in the company of Heaven. That experience changed my life and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today, sane, healthy, happy, successful, healed, without her guidance and her message. I could literally speak for hours on end on how much my life has turned around due to this website and to Sara. She is the true thing~~~ Divine! 🥰🥰🥰

Eric Singh-Perkins

[Re: Prayer to Assist in Ending Interpersonal Discord and Abuse]

“I really liked it. I sat and listened to it and I felt like energy went down through my shoulders all the way to the bottoms of my feet.”

Ruthie, Spring Hill, FL

I listened to one of your recorded prayers for the world, over and over for about 45 minutes with the intention of staying present.

During this prayer I started getting images of a stream of light that went in circles like the light in a lighthouse. This color was bright electric indigo blue against a dark blue or black background. This went on for awhile.

Lastly I saw the image of a dark planet like circle, with purple light coming off it. That’s what I saw, pretty cool, thank you!

L.M.,  Ohio

“Your paintings are so healing Sara. So glad to have them in my office!”

L.M. Kingston N.Y.