The Sign of the Cross

Touching the forehead and saying “In the name of the Father”, touching the heart “and of the Son”, touching the left shoulder “and of the Holy”, touching the right shoulder “Spirit”, is a prayer used by many Christians, not just Catholics and High Anglicans.

It is a prayer of great power.

In the I AM Presence Ascended Master teachings a similar gesture is used in greeting among the enlightened. They touch their forehead, then their heart, and then they bow their heads.

We can equate
Father…… with Life, Power,the Kingdom, and the color blue which is the color of God’s


Son………. with Truth,Wisdom, the Power, and the color yellow,which is the color of the Christ

Holy Spirit….with Divine Love, God’s Glory, and pink the color of Love and the Divine feminine.

As we cross our selves we can say “I give all Power to God’s Life, Truth, and Love, over me and my life”.
“I give all Power over me and my life to God’s Divine Power, Wisdom, and Love.”
“I consecrate and surrender myself and my life to God’s Kingdom ,Power, and Glory.”

As we cross ourselves using these words we can visualize the corresponding color. In the Glory be….

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen

We can replace the word “world” with any of the following words

Truthtruth without end
Justicejustice without end
Mercymercy without end
Compassioncompassion without end
Peacepeace without end
Orderorder without end
Balancebalance without end
Harmonyharmony without end
Strengthstrength without end
Couragecourage without end
Wisdomwisdom without end
Intelligenceintelligence without end
Successsuccess without end
Joyjoy without end
Healthhealth without end
Healinghealing without end
Safetysafety without end
Protectionprotection without end
Eternal youtheternal youth without end
Exquisite beautyexquisite beauty without end
Gracegrace without end
Perfectionperfection without end
Blissbliss without end
Freedomfreedom without end
Lifelife without end

This blessing states that from beginning to end, the reality is all these good qualities without end for everyone and everything.