The Mystic Heart in Every Catholic

Behold the man, Ecce Homo….the tortured, grieving face of Christ crowned with thorns, blood streaming down, the pain of Christ and all who suffer for love of Him.
That determines the mystic heart of Catholicism through out all the centuries that this Church has held the Light of Truth, of God, for all humanity.

Into this Church, through conversion and inculturation, all religions came, and through differentiation and distillation, interpretation and growth, all new religions grew out of it. She, our Church, holds the important role of Mother, holding all, containing all, loving all without exception.

This is what Christ did, this is what Christ taught us to do, and this is the time for our Holy Church to do the same in all details.
It is the call of the hour when the hearts of all Catholics become the mystic heart. Broken by the brokenness of our Church, a painful revolution, a revolt of each heart will bring us to our knees, maybe for the first time, in Truth.

Dancing with God is the work of every soul.
As I reach for the suffering face of Christ, in my hands I behold, the face of Christ ascended.
He wants me to love Him in this way now.
The mystic heart is made anew, as I behold my one true love, He is in Joy.
He is in Light, He beholds us all in that Light of God, ascended, He does not behold His pain anymore.
Very quickly now, without hesitation let us run to Him, and behold Him ascended, let us run to Him and recognize Him as He truly is.
Let us serve Him in Truth and in Love, with Love for all, including ourselves.
As Christ has loved me, let me love myself.
In Joy and in compassion let me love myself and others, just as He does love us.
Help me let go of the suffering, the agony, and release Him from it as well.
As I behold Him in Joy, He feels Joy. As I behold Him in Light, He is the Light. As I behold Him in Peace, He feels that Peace which He gave to me so long ago, and I have not accepted that gift.
How foolish I have been.

Sara Street