The Catholic Church as Divine Mother

On this planet, Divine Mother Church awaits the breath of God, the Father, and of Christ, in every moment She waits, and receives.
The receptive heart of our Church, at her center in Rome and out to the far reaches of the world, in the receptive hearts of every Catholic, accepts the breath of God and Christ as our full inspiration and source of instruction.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is our heart. We pray, “make our hearts like your Heart”. He has offered us this, He wants us to take it, not just as an expression of His love for us, but as our very own heart, each one of us.
In that Heart, as our own heart, we find our true liberation.

“Think through my mind, see through my eyes, speak through my lips, feel through my heart, heal through me, act through me”, is the best that we can pray to Our Lord. Becoming one with the Son, hid with Christ in God, is the best we can have.

Sara Street