The Ascended Church

Catholicism on the Edge
Braiding the Old with the New

No dancer ever danced without bones,
No music was ever written without an underlying rhythm,
No painting was ever painted without first a knowledge line.

The Catholic Church is a central core of religion on this planet. Through conversion and inculturation, old religions flowed into the Church. Through differentiation and distillation, new religions came out of it.

It is a nexus point, and that is a function, not a status.

Maintaining the structure of the Catholic Church supports more than just itself. If the structure disintegrates it will destabilize all that came before it and all that came out of it. A too extreme relaxing of it’s borders, without the maintenance of it’s structure, will cause it’s final collapse.

Our beloved Holy Father John Paul maintained the ancient structure, discerned it, imbued it with Love, and drew that wisdom and love out to it’s periphery as compassion, forgiveness, joy, and freedom, and that became fertile ground for healing and new creation. Without the central core the expression has no backbone and a collapse in imminent.

Pope Benedict did a good job of strengthening the core of the Church at the expense of it’s outreach and growth. Pope Francis is opening the boundaries at the expense of the structure.

Together these Popes make a whole. Individually they portend the razing of the entire Church.

The braiding of these opposites is critical, and it falls to the heart of the people of the Church, religious and laity, to think, to write, to discuss, and develop a new Church integrating it’s structure and it’s expression.

The heart of God created the Catholic Church to heal, protect ,and guide us. Let us return in kind our love for God by healing, protecting, and guiding our Church.

Sara Street 6/5/17