God Substance Meditation

Visualize a crystal clear consciousness field of Light, filling all space.
Know this field as Father-Mother God.
Feel the pulsation of Life-Power, Love, and Truth-Wisdom, all through it. Focus on each quality of God until you can feel them within the consciousness field and see movement.

See a smaller square or round field of crystal clear consciousness with Light, floating in front of the unending field.This is you. Feel that it is your Spirit, the purest source of your individual nature, your Christ self.
Focus on that for awhile and see what you feel.

It may change as you watch and become fluid with moving edges. Let it speak to you.

Now explore what it is that connects you to the unending field behind you.

Feel the pulse and emanation of Love from behind you, feel the pulse and emanation of Life-Power from behind you, feel the pulse and emanation of Truth- Wisdom that is behind you.

Feel that Love, Power, and Wisdom reaching into your back, permeating you, enfolding you, and engulfing you.

Know yourself to be freely, but solidly and forever connected to that unending field.

See and feel this entire image and activity and recite the sanskrit affirmation I AM THAT, THAT I AM

See the primary colors blue, yellow, and pink pulsing in the unending field as well as your personal field.

I AM God’s Life expressed, I AM God’s Power expressed, I AM the blue ray of God’s Will expressed, and see blue light flow into you from behind and out of you in all directions.

I AM God’s Love expressed, I am the pink Ray of Divine Love expressed, and see the pink light flow into you from behind and out of you in every direction.

I AM God’s Wisdom expressed, and see the yellow Light flow into you from behind and emanate out in front and all around you.

You can interchange these words…experienced,expressed, reflected, revealed, promulgated. You can use any word that expresses a positive activity.

The Father aspect of God Life
Divine Will


The Mother aspect of God Divine Love
Holy Spirit

The Son/Daughter aspect of God Truth

Practice this meditation so that in any situation you can bring to mind the original image and it will naturally bring in the presence of God with little effort.

The unending consciousness field is the substance of God and you are made from that same substance and are identical to it in all the qualities of Good.
You can add qualities of Justice, Balance, Harmony, Peace, Order, Strength, Courage, Intelligence, Success, Joy, Health, Healing, Safety, Protection, Eternal Youth, Beauty, Grace, and Perfection.

Your body of identical Substance is the most perfect form of you, from which all other identities energy, but only by your free will and choice.

God’s great gift of Free Will to us is the power of creation, and insures that God grows forever.
From our Substance body, we can choose and project ourselves in any way we wish, in order to have different experiences, and perform different functions. We can also experience al levels of life simple by looking from our Substance body to that level.

The Substance of God is expressed in a Hierarchy of Light which includes Angels, Masters, Extraterrestrials, and Elementals, as well as humans in all phases of development.

All of the Hierarchies of Light are willing and able to assist you in any way you wish as long as it is for the Highest Good of you and others.
Because earth is a Free Will Zone, though, they have to be asked by an earth dweller before they can intervene, or help in any way.