Dance in New Earth

In these rocky times of exiting the old 3D earth paradigm, we are encouraged to envision the world we want to create.

This envisioning in itself creates the new reality and experience.

I have been working in dance for fifty years, and my main focus for most of that time has been dance as a healing form.

As I ponder how dance may be in a new higher dimensional earth, the first thing that comes to mind is that we must make our dance, our own. 

Studying traditional forms of dance like ballet, modern dance, Jazz, African, Irish, and any other codified styles, will have a different look.

It would be the same if studying any of the more meditative dance and movement forms, such as Continuum, T’ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, or the more social interactive and natural forms like Biodanza and Journey Dance.

Making dance our own would require us to have the same type of very simple basic rules that we have ideally in society, such as the Common Law, Do No 

Harm, and the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We have many dimensions of humanoid bodies so simple rules applying to a 3D body would be easily adapted to our less dense bodies as we ascend and evolve.

How we stand on our feet determines the beauty and efficiency of movement,  the healthiness of it, and the quality of the projection of emotional and spiritual energy either to an audience, or for the healing of the environment and the dancer.

On the bottom of our feet we have three points, the heel, the little toe and the big toe joints.

The weight of the body should always be centered in the palm of the foot, equally pressuring each of these three points.

Rolling the foot over when turning the feet out can destroy the natural arch.

You should be able to put at the very least one finger under the arch.

There is a major energy chakra in that area which I call the palm of the foot.Pressing your energy through that chakra in a straight line into the earth is the correct initiation of any movement. If the foot is rolled over, the energy line is misaligned through the ankle and on up through the entire body.

As we move up the leg, whenever we bend the knees the knee should be centered over the middle toe. This will naturally cause the ankle joint to be safely supported by the foot.

The tailbone should be pointing straight down towards the earth, the pelvis centered between the hips not jutting forward or backwards, the lower back relaxed and only slightly curved, the lower ribs relaxed back, the shoulders centered not pulled back or curving forward, and the neck pulling up from the back of the head towards the ceiling.

The beginning of any movement session should be a careful study of this basic alignment, moving each part gently forward and backwards, side to side, to feel the center line and reduce tension.

We can shift forwards, backwards, and side to side on the feet to start, then you can feel into the palm of the foot and press your energy down into the earth from that soft center.

Pressing  back the very lower abs, scooping back and up under the ribs is the the only area where tension can be initiated with out disturbing the fluid alignment.

You can achieve a nice and natural turnout using these basic rules. Turnout should not be from the ankles, or knees, but from the hips.

This will ensure better balance, more flexibility and easier strength, as well as better elevation and turns.

If taking instruction from another person in any form, we should work respectfully in the class, and then go home and review it in our bodies, determining what feels right for us physically and emotionally.

An equal amount of time spent in class and working carefully and intuitively alone will build better, more creative, expressive, and interesting dancers.

Before signing up for any form of dance, doing some contemplative explorative movement like T’ai Chi, Yoga, Continuum, and studying the principles of things  like Feldenkrais, Acupuncture,  or the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, is essential in order to understand the energy of the body and movement, and can support the health of the body, heart snd mind.

If you are a parent considering dance for you child, taking any of these types of classes yourself first and studying these principles will give you the visceral and intellectual awareness to safeguard your child’s health and happiness in dance.

Group Dance in New Earth

Some people feel that competition is good, and it may be in some areas of life, but in dance I would say that harmony ought to replace competition.

I have begun to call my dances Transmissions.

The less density we live in and express, the more clear it becomes that dance is less a physical thing than it is a communication.

No matter what you may be doing with your body, you are transmitting whatever you are experiencing in consciousness.

That transmission will affect you audience, and will also affect you as it courses through your body and emanates outward. That which you focus on and embellish becomes your reality and affects the reality of others.

What you present to an audience also becomes a teaching.

I would much rather transmit to myself and others, harmony rather than divisive competition.

No nuance of thought or emotion will be missed or disguised as we become more telepathic.

Our collective ascension will reveal to us that aspect of ourselves that is one with everyone and everything; creating and transmitting harmony, bliss and sublimity in our thoughts and expression and forming our new society.

I use a formula which I call Copy, Cluster, Contact. These activities and their opposites make up all of our experiences with others.

We model ourselves after, or copy others, or we do not, breaking away to explore our individual impulses.

We cluster together with others, or we isolate.

We make contact with others, or we avoid contact with others.

This is a beautiful exercise for developing self awareness internally and in interpersonal interaction.

I find with all the groups I direct, that this process inevitably produces moments  of unity and harmony.

It becomes a never ending dance of life creating and evolving, which is fascinating and healing to watch and participate in.

The existing forms and styles of dance may evolve and then dissolve.

However dance unfolds, what we do to our bodies and with our bodies is our choice, our divine right, our privilege, and our responsibility.


Sara Street