Ascension Keys and Codes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy


Of all the writings and teachings which were precursors of the greater awareness of the Great Work, the planetary ascension, Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written in 1875, and the healing system she taught, stand out as uniquely concise, accessible, and applicable, useful right now to anyone in any religion or spiritual path who wants healing of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues.

She knew when she was forming and recording the work that it was not a religion, it was truth to be used by anyone in a religion or not, and she thought it would be enthusiastically embraced by the existing Christian churches.

Because of the advanced nature of her work, organized religions were not willing to incorporate it into their systems. She did, however, find a following sufficient to form a large and thriving organization in her time, and significantly several decades later, a vibrant following among those who were studying the so called occult.

There were seekers of truth for the sake of God and spiritual growth among these students.
A number of inspired writings and discoveries had their foundations in the natural opening of thought and consciousness that comes from studies of what she called Christian Science.

Transmissions in the I AM Presence green books talk about Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, and Hilarion the healer, as her guides in the writings and work she brought forth.
Mrs. Eddy talks about Jesus in a way that indicates her personal relationship with him, and she did say that during the lonely year of constant change in which she wrote the book, that she was never alone but was always surrounded by spiritual Light beings who she did not identify.

After her work was largely rejected by the organized religions of her time, she realized that in order to serve and preserve the truth she was bringing in, she would have to create an organization, a church, that she considered a temporary measure, that would dissolve naturally as the planet advanced into the light.

She knew that her work was an expression of one of God’s many mansions, and she called it Divine Science as well as Christian Science.
I see it as third and fourth dimensional expression of the temples of Divine Science in the highest realms of Light.

Christian Science is the knowledge of the eternal reality of God, and the dimensions which have no duality.

In our current ascension terms she was writing about liberation from the matrix, created by invader races like the Annunaki. She was showing the way out of the fourth dimensional trapping system.

She called these lower dimension of duality, illusion, she understood they were a projection of the false creation, what she called mortal mind.

As my friend who was a devotee of the Guru Amma, said…”Mrs. Eddy cracked the code”.

She was unique in her time in calling God both Mother and Father.
Some Christian Scientists make a point of calling God “She”, and “Mother”.

Mrs. Eddy challenged fundamental Christian dogma by saying that Jesus was our brother to be emulated, and that his crucifixion in itself was not sufficient to save us unless we carefully studied his teachings, and worked to practice what he told us to practice, and that included the work of personal ascension.

Christian Science as a healing method is effective and valuable for healing on all levels, but the deepest value of the work is in understanding that she was teaching us how to shift up in dimensions, and how to apply that consciousness of Oneness to the dimensions of duality to create not only healing but liberation. She was teaching about our own ascension, as well as the planetary ascension into the Golden Age of Light.

Mrs. Eddy was writing about and demonstrating the release from density, that we are all working with in our own ways in this ascension process.

What seems to me to be a natural, obvious and harmonious relationship between the Church of Christ Scientist and all that we believe, practice, and experience as planetary and individual ascension, escapes most people in both groups, party because it seems like a huge endeavor to bridge that gap, and not many are willing or able to take the time to see how it all fits, and so to benefit.

The Church organization operates in equality. Equality of men and women, equality of those who are elected to lead services, or the organization and its activities, and those who take quieter, but equally respected rolls of receiving, and working.

Mrs. Eddy talks about the Central Sun, monads, and orbs. Ascension terms and truths are all through her works.

What I feel is most important is that all the members are learning and practicing healing that is available to everyone, and so many ascension people are in need of healing that is affordable and does not conflict with their ascension work, beliefs, and experiences.

I am fortunate to have friends in the church who accept my point of view, and to be working with a practitioner who does not challenge me, but works with me right where I am.

I wait for the day when effort might be made on both sides to connect on our common points, and to grow in mutual benefit, giving each other strength, spiritual advancement, and grounding.

In the coming chapters I will cite and discuss more in depth, the points and concepts that I am guided to work with.

All that I am writing here is my own observation, and is not endorsed by The Church of Christ Scientist or church members.

Sara Street