Ascension Keys and Codes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy – Part 2

From Science and Health

Central sun

P. 121-25
The sun is the central stillness, so far as our solar system is concerned,
P. 209-6
Mind, supreme over all its formations and governing them all, is the central sun of its own systems of ideas, the life and light of all of its own vast creation: and man is tributary to divine Mind.


P. 90-4
How were the loaves and fishes multiplied on the shores of Galilee,—and that, too, without meal or monad from which loaf or fish could come?


P. 188-30
The human knows not where the orb of day is, nor if it exists.
P. 189-12
than they should deny the existence of the sunlight when the orb of day disappears,

Lines and Circles

P. 282-5
The real Life, or Mind, and its opposite, the so called material life and mind, are figured by two geometric symbols, a circle or sphere and a straight line. The circle represents the infinite without beginning or end: and the straight line represents the finite, which has both beginning and end.
P. 310-16
So Science reveals Soul as God, untouched by sin and death,-as the central Life and intelligence around which circle harmoniously all things in the systems of Mind.

From Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy


My. 133-13 These crumbs and monads will feed the hungry, and the fragments gathered therefrom should waken the sleeper,

Lines and Circles
Pul. 87-25 So many luminous lines from your lives linger,
My. 155-21 May long lines of light span the horizons of their hope

From The Archangel Guide to Ascension by Diana Cooper and Tim Whilde

P. 24
As our Sun radiates light and beauty upon us, it is fueled esoterically by another source, a greater provider, the Great Central Sun,. This exists beyond the range of our third-dimensional visual reality and is the birthing pool for all cosmic light, wisdom, knowledge and matter in our known and unknown universe. It is currently beyond our ability to understand this concept.

What we do know is that Source is the creative force behind all spiritual matter and the Great Central Sun steps down Source energy at a ninth dimensional level. Within its light, at a spiritual level, all things are constructed.

P. 25
As we go through our glorious ascension process, the light from the Great Central Sun, pouring through the portal of our own Sun, is now also becoming the source of body fuel for the higher crystalline light form into which we are moving.

From The Archangelic Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery by Diana Cooper and Tim Whilde

P. 251
7. The Law of One is the knowing that you are within me and I am within you. This applies to all creatures. We cannot harm any sentient being, for we harm ourselves. All are part of Source and one another.