Ascension Prayers Remote Session





During this remote healing session I will use the ascension prayers, which you can read in the Spiritual and Healing Writings section of this website, as the basic structure of the work I will do for you.

I may be directed to do more specific work as well.

It is best for you to be resting in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and where you can fall asleep if you want to.

You can allow an hour and a half for the session.

After it is completed I will send you an email telling you what I experienced and also any messages or information that may be helpful to you.

You may want to communicate with me then, or just go on with your day, or evening, as you are lead.

This work can manifest as immediate and specific improvements for you, but most often it clears the way for a more broad improvement in your life that manifests over time.