The Action or Movement of God

One morning, during treatment in Christian Science, my patient practitioner, Mark Swinney CSB, sent me these lines to consider for the day.

He wrote:
‘All being or existence, is the action of divine Mind, and better yet, “In Science, all being is eternal, spiritual, perfect, harmonious in every action.” (Science and Health, p.407)”

He asked me to explore the meaning of this sentence word by word, and to become receptive to letting God deepen its import for me.
So I did.
I began with this.

My being and existence are the action of God.
As God’s action, I am already intrinsically, spiritual, perfect, harmonious, and eternal.
I am already eternal, I am already harmonious, I am already spiritual, I am already perfect.

Mary Baker Eddy, who wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, talks about all of our illnesses, our confusion of thought and emotion, our suffering and our mistakes, as “error’, not created by God. And since we are God’s action, or expression, we do not in reality possess or have to experience these negative things.

In Christian Science, she presents to the world, a method we can learn and use to heal ourselves, and to heal and erase all our sufferings and mistakes. Her church, The Church of Christ Scientist, is the organization she founded in order to teach people how to do that, and to practice, and perfect, that wonderful healing ability.
The church, therefore, is in it’s most practical form, a brigade of people who study, and practice, and heal themselves and others. They are available to help anyone in any religion or outside of all religion. Their fees are low compared to other healing modalities, and they are mandated to serve humanity with Love, and solid ethical boundaries.

Since I was about to teach a dance class, I wanted to explore how I could apply the morning’s assignment to dance in a way that might inspire my students.

I continued,
Is action the same as movement?
if it is then, God moved and I came into being.
God moved and I had existence.
God moved and then I existed.
God moves and I am.
God moves and I exist.

How passionate this is.

God moves spiritually in me, God moves harmoniously in me, God moves perfectly in me, and God moves eternally in me.

God moves through me spiritually, God moves through me perfectly, God moves through me harmoniously, God moves through me eternally.

God moves around me spiritually, God move around me eternally, God moves around me harmoniously, God moves around me perfectly.

My existence and being are God’s action and movement. Expression is a moving outward, for others to experience.

I am God’s existence expressed. I am God’s being expressed.
I am God’s perfection expressed. I am God’s harmony expressed. I am God’s spirituality expressed. I am God’s eternality expressed.

It sounds like I am pretty important to God.

I then put other people’s names in place of my own, and that became a whole new way of seeing them.

Mrs. Eddy talks about holding in consciousness the spiritual reality of ourselves and others, that which God creates and sees in us, rather than criticizing, and denigrating ourselves and others.

Applying this to a loved one I was concerned about lightened my day, and that person became much lighter and happier immediately.

I presented a shorter form of these ideas to my dancers, and our class was uplifting, peaceful, and we moved so well. One woman was transformed back into the professional dancer she had been twenty years before, and she was shining with joy and relief, that she was still herself, a self she thought she had lost.