Pod of Light standing meditation

Anger, Fear, Pain
feeling it, locating it in the body, moving through it, permeating it with light

Let us begin standing
Envision a sphere of golden white light 2 feet above your head.

Feel into that sphere, feel what qualities of light are there, peace, harmony, love, see it sparkling with life filled light, feel the power of it.

Speak in your mind or out loud the qualities you see and feel in the sphere.

Draw the light, with all it’s qualities, down through your head and body, and ground it in a silver ball a foot beneath your feet.

Feel that light and all it’s good qualities permeating your entire body, extending above you and below you.

Watch and see if other colors, violet, pink, yellow, green, or any other colors appear in the light.

Expand the light around you in a pod shape.
Rest in the pod of light, feeling the good feelings, seeing the colors.
If you feel like moving, go ahead, while staying focused in the scintillating light. Now think of anger, fear, or pain, that you may be holding in your mind or heart.

Think of the types of anger, like rage, resentment, think of the types of pain like abandonment, grief, think of the types of fear like anxiety, tension, panic… Speak what you feel personally in your mind or out loud.

Locate where that feeling is lodged in your body. Put your hand on it.
Think about what or who it is attached to.

Move into that feeling and memory, move out from it, or through it in any way that comes spontaneously.

Come to rest in a posture that expresses that feeling.

Reach into the light above you, coming down through you as a beam, and around you in a pod shape, grounding under your feet.

If there is any remaining emotion of fear, anger, or pain, touch it in or around your body, see if it has a color or shape, and channel the light into it, watching it dissolve and transform into light.

After you have processed these emotions through movement and light, move in any way you want like shaking out, jumping, rolling, resting, sitting or lying down.

Finally, go back to the sphere above you, see the light coming down through and around you.

if you want to vocalize, hum, Om, do that, then rest.
If you are comfortable, share your experience with the group.

Sara Street