Lines and Circles

The dot becomes a line, a line becomes a circle. All forms are made up of lines and circles.

Lines and circles in warm up……….

You can effectively warm up your body using lines and circles.

Sitting in a chair, lying on the floor, or standing

Flex and point your feet in a line Rotate your feet in a circle

Continue to move all body parts in lines then circles

Lower legs fro the knee down Whole leg
Rib cage
Whole torso
Whole arm
Lower arm from the elbow down Hands from the wrist

Walk in floor patterns

Walk in lines across the floor Walk in circles across the floor

Now use the lines and circles of isolated body parts along with floor patterns to create more complex movements

Add levels..standing up bending over
Bending the knees, moving from a sitting or lying down position Add direction changes

Vary tempo
Sara Street. 10/1/18.