I Am, I Live In, I Experience, and I Express

Affirmative prayer may initially feel useless, unreal, and foolishly optimistic. It is helpful to start with supplications and invocations.
Invoking that power and expression of God, Creator, Source, that is comfortable for you, and that you recognize, and feel in your heart, is a good way to begin prayer. Supplication, calling out for help with whatever we feel alone in, and incapable of having or doing, is a natural human response.

We can call to God, or to angels, or to master beings of light who we feel close to.

After we gain a feeling of the presence of God and beings of the light through invocation, and after asking for help, we can feel more settled, more supported, and more established in God’s goodness.
That is a time when affirmative prayer seems more possible, accessible, and real.

Sometimes the affirmations come spontaneously with no preparation.

Affirmations really are the statement, experience, and expression, of the feeling of God, Source, as more powerful than darkness and confusion, or as the only power that we live in, and that we feel in us and all around us, and in other people.

What is actually happening is that we are removing our focus out of the dimension of the temporary experience of difficulty and variableness, into the dimension of resting in God, Creator, Source, from whence we came.
When we reach comfort in affirmations, we have remembered the truth that our experience of temporary duality is simultaneous with the reality that a part of us, and really the whole of us, never left the Heart of Father-Mother God, we have just agreed to experience temporary duality, darkness and light, for the sake of growth, service, or other reasons.
No matter what the reason is that we have found ourselves experiencing pain, abandonment, anger, fear, we are always simultaneously still anchored indelibly, in the eternal realty of Infinite Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Life Power.

Moving from belief in and experience of duality, darkness and light, into the remembrance of all Good, can have a profound effect on what we see and experience with our human senses.

With prayer of any kind we are shifting out of our human senses into our spiritual senses.

The affirmative prayers that follow can be done before reaching that awareness of resting in God, or after we are already relaxed into that consciousness.

These prayers can be done lying down, sitting, or integrated with movement.

They can be done in thought alone, or speaking out loud to ourselves or others.

The recognition of our actual immersion in God can be felt as being the quality of perfection, feeling it as our true being; living in it, being immersed in, filled with, and surrounded by it; experiencing it with our human and spiritual senses; and also expressing it, a feeling that it naturally flows out of us in thought, word, and action.

God, Source, Creator, contains all good, and so we can find in that sublimity, qualities that we can name and identify in concept, though and feeling.

When you are ready, an affirmative prayer is….

I Am, I Live In, I Experience, I Express, and we add to it specific qualities that are appropriate to the situation we want to resolve, or just the qualities that come to mind and feel right, soothing, delicious.
I have personally experienced what would be considered miracles, impossible healings of physical and emotional issues, through adding and really working into affirmative prayer in my regular practice of prayer and meditation.
Affirmative prayer takes what we call faith into a deeper and more solid belief, trust, and acceptance.

Miracles are actually a natural state of reality outside of the matrix that we have considered real life for so long.

I Am Love, I live in love, I experience love, and I express love, is a good place to start. As we slowly think or speak these words, we can feel into and settle into love as our being, our environment, what we feel coming into and around us, and what we create, think, say, and do.

Some other qualities of God that may come to mind are

Purity Freedom
Bliss Unending life Unlimited spirit Truth

Justice Mercy Compassion Peace

Order Balance Harmony

Strength Courage Wisdom Intelligence Success Joy

Health Healing Safety Protection Eternal youth Agelessness Beauty Grace Perfection Simplicity Creativity

Adding Movement

Stillness, sitting or standing still is actually movement.
Our breath, heartbeat, and internal body movement doesn’t stop, nor do our thoughts and feelings.

So we can begin by standing, sitting, or lying on the floor.

It is helpful to get centered by envisioning a sphere of golden light above our heads, and reaching above our heads mentally or with our hands to bring that light down through us and all around us, grounding it below our feet, and expanding it around us in a sphere, pod, or tube….a star or any shape that comes to mind.

We may be able to center by feeling our skeletons, our muscles, tendons and ligaments, our breath, heartbeat, blood flow, nerve sensations, or feeling the space around us as air with moisture and density.
If we are with other people we can tune into and sense them in stillness, movement or consciousness.

A feeling of any of the qualities of God may come in naturally, or we may choose one or more.
We may reason that we need more of something, more peace, more health.
Then we focus into that quality in thought, and feeling.

A natural movement may come spontaneously or you may want to move into something deliberately.

Hold onto the feeling of the chosen quality as you go further into the movement that expresses it.

A posture may come, or a movement.

For instance, while pondering peace you may breathe more deeply, and feel the urge to move your hands and arms gently around you.
You may feel the urge to move towards another person to express a feeling, or you may feel the urge to move away, alone and move gently or strongly.

Some simple movements are…….

Spin Sink Stretch Reach Contract Release Crawl Stop Stand Sit

Curl up
Fill space Bounce
Change direction

When we feel that our work is completed it is important to cool down and to recenter. We can refer back to our breath, pulse, body sensations, body, or the Light of our spirit which we have drawn down and around us.
Moving slowly to sitting or lying we can come back into the room and discuss our experience or just settle into it.

Sara Street. 9/10/18 www.aaavinc.org