Healing Through Dance and Movement Meditations

As I work with my own deep healing of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical trauma,  and as I watch my own dysfunction in life and that of others, I am concluding that there are basic elements of healing that can address and activate complete regeneration on all levels.

The ideas I am working with are not new. Some of my inspirations have been The Dance work of Lester Horton, the work of Louise Hay, Christian Science, and other well known and codified forms of dance and healing. 

I am of course, also inspired by the many new healers and work with chakras, energy fields, herbs, aromatherapy, Akashic Record work, and so many beautiful blessing that we have now.

With all these inspirations, and my own training and experience in dance, art, and healing, I have put together a simple, but potentially far reaching healing system which connects us deeply with ourselves and others through thought, feeling, contemplation, and movement.

Specifically as I watch how inter personal relationships malfunction, I conclude that inner child work, tools to locate and safely process our anger, fear, and pain, and all their subcategories, a process that connects us to our higher selves/God, and moves that out into ourselves and environment, and learning how to interact with others, are the essential four ingredients to clarification and realization of healing, and are springboards to extensive healing of individuals and society starting from our Source, that part of us which is one with God.

Starting and ending with Source, God, ensures everyone’s divine rights and privileges as children of God.

I have written out, and will be recording on video, four movement meditations:

Finding Our Inner Child,   and acting that out through movement

Pod of Light,    anger fear, pain, clearing dance meditation

I Am, I Live In, I Experience, I Express

Connect Disconnect

Sara Street