Finding our Inner Child and acting that out through movement

I like to work with eyes closed in most dance meditations as long as it is safe to do so.

Find a place in the room that is comfortable for you. 

Define for yourself and others what is your space for the coming work.

We can use large pieces of fabric like cocoons, in this beginning exercise.

Lying on the floor in fetal position,  let us mentally go back to before we were born.

Feel the energy around and in us, feel our bodies, feel the fluid around us, feel the womb around us.

Listen to the sounds, feel the emotions, what are we thinking, what movement do we feel as our own or our mother’s.

What thoughts and feelings do we feel as our own, our mother’s, or of other people around us.

As our birth begins, feel the movement, the contractions, the squeezing and pushing. See what else we feel in and around ourselves as we proceed through the birth canal and into the air, the light, and the hands or surface that we first contact.

Feel and remember all that happens next, find and remember your own experience, how it felt to your body, your emotions, your thoughts and consciousness.

Let us go back and feel again our first sensations of nursing, eating, being held, lying alone.

Let us go back and experience our first movement with our hands, arms, legs, and our whole body. Act out those movements.

How did we communicate, how did we vocalize, what did we see and feel.

Try touching your nose with your fingers, try clapping your hands together.

Lying on our stomachs, let us go back and remember our first feelings of strength in our bodies to lift our heads, to roll.

Let us lift our heads, and then roll.

Now we can roll onto our stomachs, lift our head, and begin to discover how to crawl, let us do that now.

Feel the feeling of uncertainty, and then the engaging and ability to move up onto our hands and knees, and to move forward, and backwards.

Go back into your own memory to retrieve and re-experience the thoughts, feelings, and sensations, the reaction of people around you, or if you are alone.

Now, crawling, we can move to a chair or something to help us steady ourselves as we explore standing.

Initially we begin to stand by straightening our legs while in the crawling position.

Struggling to take our first steps, we feel like falling but we steady ourselves.

How does it feel to stand alone. Are there people around us reacting to us?

Now finding a balance, we can take a first step, then a second, and then we can walk.Slowly feel again, the feelings, listen to your thoughts, and sense your bodies.

Do you remember what you did next to move from one place to another. Did you hop, skip, did you run? 

Whatever comes to mind, do that within your own space, or with eyes open around the room.

Now you can experiment with spinning, jumping, sliding on your feet or onto the floor.

Do the movements that you remember doing as a child.

Now the play is coming to an end, you are sitting down, you are lying down, and beginning to fall asleep. 

Close your eyes.

Remember how you felt within yourself. Remember feelings about interactions with family members, other children, or adults at that time.

Find those feelings in your body, put your hand on that spot and move into and through it.

Go back in time to age one, remember and feel your experience and interactions.

Find those in your body, and put your hand on that spot.

Move into and through that spot, and those feelings.

Go to age two, remember and feel.

Find those feelings in you body, put your hand on that spot, move into and through that spot.

Go to age three, remember and feel. Find those feelings and memories in your body, put your hand on that spot, move into and through it.

In this subsequent sessions, do this process for each year of your life, ages four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, and any age in your life that you wish to heal.

You can go ahead and use the Pod of Light Meditation.

When you are locating and channeling Light into the spots of emotion in your body, you may see them in shapes and colors, or they may just be feelings.

The light will dissipate and dissolve those feeling and disperse them in sparkles of light, small feathers, in other ways, or they may just disappear.

If they move to another part of the body, put your hand on them and move into them, through them, and channel light into them.

Sara Street