Contract … Release

Contraction and release is an essential action of all creation.
The natural flow of the ocean, birth, all of nature contracts and releases.
Human emotions contract and release, phases of life contract and release.
Just like an inhale must be followed by an exhale, a contraction is always followed by a release, even if the release is disintegration.
Even God breaths out creation, then breaths it back in.

Contract release warm up

Contract the muscles of the face, release them Contract the scalp, release it
Continue with contracting and releasing

Shoulders Upper arms Lower arms Whole arm Wrists
Rib cage
Lower abdomen Hips
The whole leg Knees
Whole body

Now pair a contracting emotion with the contraction of parts of the body or the whole body
As you think of a life situation or experience in the present the past, or a future event, feel the contracting emotion

Keep contracting the body as you focus on the emotion/event
The release will come naturally so keep contracting the body with the emotion until both naturally release

This exercise can be done with a large cloth used like a cocoon, or just laid over the body
Sara Street. 10/1/18.