Religious and spiritual background and work

My parents were Episcopalian and I grew up in that church until age 11 when I went to a Quaker school in Providence R.I.

Quakerism formed my spiritual foundation for my entire life.

In 1973 I became a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji, and lived in ashrams and group meditation centers.
For most of my twenties Maharaj Ji, now Prem Rawat, and his devotees provided a loving and healthy social environment.

In 1977 I read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

From the first reading of that book, I realized I didn’t have to have the genetic illnesses that caused so much suffering in my family. Science and Health influenced my thinking profoundly for my whole life.
In 1980 I began to attend The Mother Church, the Church of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts, and branch churches, and to read more Christian Science publications. In 2017, in treatment with a Christian Science practitioner, I experienced a profound healing of childhood abuse. I continued to work with Christian Science, with the practitioner and my own study, I have experienced healing of spinal deformity, dental problems, and infection, along with emotional healing of all kinds of trauma as well as an increased ability to pray effectively for myself and others.

All my life I have had paranormal experiences, and in 1982 I began to study with Sue Lukegord in Gloucester Ma.
Wth Sue, and others in our spiritual community, I began to read the Akashic Record, and to do hands on healing. I began to do medical intuitive work, and I read “The Green Books”, the I AM Presence series by the Ballards.

I also enjoyed the hospitality of GuruMayi and spent time living in her ashrams.

In 1985 Mother Mary appeared to me at La Salette Shrine in Ipswich Ma. and guided me to convert to Catholicism. I studied that religion for 12 years and then did convert in 1997.
In the Catholic Church I was so grateful for the support of enlightened Priests and Catholic spiritual counselors, both in my personal life and my work.

In 1989 and ’90, I visited Mt. Shasta.
In 2005 I returned to the Great Work, ascension work for planet earth.

I currently do dance healing sessions with individuals, and distance prayer and healing work for individuals, the world, and beyond.