AAAV Inc. past and present

Originally the initials AAAV Inc. stood for Artists Alliance Against Violence Inc.. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

I created it as a tool of non-violent resistance to the abuse of my daughter and other children and adults in the court system, and in their families.

Through the years I have been so inspired by the many people who have participated in community programs, and in several small dance and music groups that came under that heading. These programs and groups were healing for all, in expressing original art, and providing witnesses to our individual intrinsic value.

Recreated as as subchapter S corporation in 2010, it has just now found its new incarnation as a forum for sharing simple human experiences, healing and truth in authentic and profound ways.

Now the initials stand for ideas more appropriate to the forward evolution of so many of us.
They may stand for Angels, activations, arts, victory………or any other positive ideas, beings, and activities.